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Bitnine Global, In c. is a startup company in the US and was founded to research & develop the graph database in US market.Bitnine has developed the multi-model DBMS, AgensGraph which is graph database integration at the core level of PostgreSQL. Bitnine is growing year by year as follows revenue.

- Leading company of Graph Database technology.

- Leads and participates in societies, sessions, and various DB seminars.

- Performs government sector research agenda and related research project.

- Performs academic-industry cooperation projects with universities.

- Forms various networks for research activities.

- Has laboratory and advisory groups.

- Performs collaboration research activity through intensive investments.

Job description

- Develop various external modules of AgensGraph

- Develop connecting modules between database engines and other tools using JDBC driver.


- Abilities to develop Java or C application

- Abilities to use JDBC driver or ODBC driver.

- Abilities to use database engines like PostgreSQL

- Application development experiences with PostgreSQL or Neo4j Graph Database

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Job Type: Full-time

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